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HR services in Uzbekistan - Financial Chain Corporation

Personnel accounting and HR services from true FCHAIN professionals

The decision to entrust HR and HR-services to freelance professionals from FCHAIN allows client companies to effectively offload non-core employees with day-to-day responsibilities and to pay more attention to strategic issues of growth and development of the whole business, its entry into new markets and levels. Among the numerous papers and small reports, it is very important to leave time for self-improvement, search for new solutions and development of ideas, and therefore, routine work should be given to those who do it best.

Important details of services offered by FCHAIN professionals

Daily routine duties for personnel and HR-services in Uzbekistan are primarily related to the preparation of primary documents, maintenance of their records and the processing of relevant reports for State control bodies. At the same time, each customer can confidently count on:

  • Meticulous to all details, especially accepted changes in Uzbek legislation;
  • Timely preparation and delivery of the necessary reports to the supervisory authorities;
  • Transparency and maximum openness in all manipulation of documents;
  • Guaranteed protection of confidentiality of processed data;
  • Integrity and loyalty in drawing up a clear list of assistance provided by professionals, and therefore the affordable value of the contract;
  • Full calm about possible fines and sanctions due to any mistakes made;
  • Responsibility on the part of FCHAIN specialists regarding the works performed.

Ease of collaboration with FCHAIN

Every detail of the upcoming arrangement can be discussed and weighed. Any issue can be resolved promptly and as correctly as possible if the situation is clearly understood. It is FCHAIN specialists who know how to do this at a true professional level. All you have to do is call the phone in the Contacts section and directly arrange the meeting. Impressions from the meeting will remain only the most pleasant, and the guaranteed solution of current issues will leave time to find new solutions to their own development.


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