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Legal services in Uzbekistan - Financial Chain Corporation

Literacy of legal services – guarantee the quality and reliability of the result

Among the many day-to-day issues and details, it is essential to stay up to date with the most recent changes in the country ‘s current legislation. This volume of work can be handled only by a real professional, and therefore legal services in Uzbekistan from FCHAIN are always in demand among clients. After all, even the smallest miss in filling in documents can be a gross mistake and be very expensive (in the form of sanctions and fines).

It is the push lawyers from the FCHAIN team who serve as good assistants for pants specialists, who spend most of their time negotiating, concluding contracts and resolving controversial issues. Independent development, as a professional, in such conditions becomes extremely difficult.

Legal services from FCHAIN in Uzbekistan are always a guarantee of sincere calm and reliability. At the same time, the volume of services provided is discussed individually, and therefore, their cost remains as accessible as possible, both for large-scale joint-stock companies and for individual entrepreneurs. As a rule, new companies, as well as firms opening up foreign businessmen, need to clearly understand the requirements and peculiarities of the current legislation.

Important details of the legal services provided

Timely and comprehensive assistance of professionals from FCHAIN can concern corporate, banking, civil and economic law. At the same time, the lawyer can do:

  • Preparation of a package of papers and direct court sessions to protect the rights and interests of the client;
  • Collection of existing debts under contracts with partners;
  • Competent preparation of claims and their submission to the relevant authorities;
  • Collection, inspection and clean-up of all documents of the client company;
  • Procedure of removal of fines and arrests from the company’s property;
  • Preparation of documents for review or annulment of previous court decisions;
  • Resolution of economic and corporate disputes, as well as protection of the client’s interests in the form of compensation for material and moral damage;
  • Execution of a package of documents for obtaining overdraft and credits, conduct of appropriate negotiations;
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents according to the purposes of further use, for example, opening of an additional branch in Uzbekistan;
  • Effective negotiations with suppliers, partners, creditors and consumers.

The cost of legal services in Uzbekistan is due to a clear list of works performed by FCHAIN professionals, which means that there is always an opportunity to choose the best option for both sides of cooperation.

Additional benefits of working with professional lawyers from FCHAIN

Absolute transparency of business conduct, guaranteed compliance of decisions with the current legislation and acceptable price of legal services in Uzbekistan from FCHAIN is accompanied by guaranteed confidentiality of all processed information. This is important after the end of the contractual relationship with the client. Depending on the needs of the client company, legal assistance may be provided on an ad hoc basis, online consultations or on a permanent basis.

Cooperation with FCHAIN is always effective, easy and mutually beneficial. It is only necessary to call and agree on a meeting with the team of our professionals in the very near future.


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