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Liquidation of enterprises - Financial Chain Corporation - Uzbekistan

Peculiarities of liquidation of companies on the territory of Uzbekistan

The liquidation of business in Uzbekistan causes the termination of financial and economic activities with the closure of all existing contracts and obligations to partners, banks and the State. All information is necessarily recorded in the state register of legal entities and takes a lot of time to prepare a complete package of documents and submit all necessary reports. Only an experienced specialist can cope with the task on his own. Special attention should be paid to the remaining obligations to the counterparties, as well as to the existing sanctions and restrictions by the supervisory authorities.

In any case, preparation for the closure of the company requires clear legal advice from a trained specialist. If sanctions are imposed, the services of a lawyer will also be required, as the liquidation of an enterprise with debts often requires competent representation in court. The FCHAIN team is always ready to provide all necessary legal assistance, carefully review the situation and offer the best way out. At the same time, the requirements of the current legislation of Uzbekistan and all details of the concluded treaties will necessarily be taken into account.

Important details of professional legal services from FCHAIN team

Any legal issue requires careful study and an integrated approach to the solution. Quality legal services for liquidation of the company in Uzbekistan may be subject to:

  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for the supervisory authorities for the purpose of termination of activities;
  • Developing the most profitable and easy solutions in each individual situation;
  • Support and protection of client ‘s interests in negotiations and court sessions;
  • Elimination of previous errors concerning preparation and delivery of the package of documents to the state bodies for receipt of the order on complete liquidation of the company in Uzbekistan.

In order to work quickly and correctly, FCHAIN specialists will need originals and copies of all co-founders of the company, a receipt of payment of the state duty, as well as a certificate of registration of the company in Uzbekistan, a Charter, a document confirming the assigned identification code, as well as a valid seal of the company.

Peculiarities of liquidation of companies in Uzbekistan

Liquidation of the company in Uzbekistan is quite a long and painstaking process with a lot of nuances and details, in which only a trained specialist will be able to understand. The person performing the work needs attention, accuracy and desire to close all questions about the company itself. The liquidation procedure consists of:

  • Organization of a general meeting of the company and adoption of a corresponding decision;
  • Appointment of a special liquidation commission, which will be the management body of the legal entity;
  • Issue a separate announcement of the decision;
  • Notification of partners, creditors and counterparties of the company about the prepared solution;
  • Preparation of intermediate and liquidation balance sheets;
  • Payment of all mandatory payments and closing of debts under contracts;
  • Payment of tax liabilities;
  • transfer of property;
  • Entry into the unified state register of Uzbekistan;
  • destruction of the press;
  • Obtaining the relevant document.

Other details and nuances of work can be found out already with direct legal advice of the specialist. The legislation of the country is often supplemented and improved, so it is important to monitor emerging new requirements for the liquidation of enterprises.

Additional issues related to the liquidation of the enterprise in Uzbekistan

It can be extremely difficult and long-term to solve issues on business closure in Uzbekistan, if it is a matter of liquidation of the company due to bankruptcy and presence of unsealed debts to counterparties. With insufficient training, there is always a risk of losing not only money and time, but also getting emotional overvoltage due to lengthy trials and dispute resolution. Only with the comprehensive and high-quality work of the experienced lawyer FCHAIN can the client company count on the easiest and fastest possible receipt of a certificate on the absence of any debts to the state and counterparties, and therefore, completely liquidate the enterprise.


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