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Registration of company in Uzbekistan - Financial Chain Corporation

Important features of registration of companies in Uzbekistan

Registration of companies in Uzbekistan is considered a fairly simple and easy task only for pre-trained specialists. It is the push lawyers who are able to understand all the nuances and requirements of the current legislation so that the process of forming a new business is as fast and effective as possible. Especially qualified assistance in registration of the company is needed by beginners and foreign businessmen, who cannot always spend time waiting for permits and visiting the controlling state bodies of Uzbekistan, as well as additional preparation of missing documents.

Only professional quality assistance allows getting on hand all necessary documents and permits in the very near future from the moment of assignment of such task to FCHAIN  specialists. The flexible approach to the list of functions allows the FCHAIN team to offer legal services at an acceptable price, available not only for large joint-stock companies, but also for individual entrepreneurs with relatively low profitability. At the same time, discuss a suitable form of doing business on the territory of Uzbekistan can also in advance with a team of professionals. At the same time, all requirements and nuances of the legislation will be guaranteed.

Features of registration of companies in Uzbekistan in different forms of ownership

The procedure of registration of new companies in Uzbekistan differs not only because of the peculiarities of the forms of conduct of financial and economic activities, but also from the citizenship of the owners themselves. It is essential for foreign businessmen to be able to prepare all documents and certificates in advance in order to obtain the appropriate permits for launch. Detailed information and discussion of nuances can always be held with an individual meeting with FCHAIN professionals. Only then will the registration of the company in Uzbekistan take place easily and relatively quickly, in compliance with all existing requirements. The client will have not only a package of documents confirming direct registration with state bodies, but also direct permission to start activities. The process of registration of a new company in the tax inspectorate requires the most attention.

The list of mandatory documents for registration of the company in Uzbekistan includes:

  • Direct statement of decision to open a company (representative office or branch) in the territory of the country;
  • Passport (original with copies) and photographs of specific sizes (specified when applying);
  • Identification code (CIC) with a pre-prepared copy;
  • Receipt confirming payment of mandatory state duty.

Everything must be clear and properly filled. Only in such a case will it be possible to expect to obtain permission to conduct financial and economic activities. Only after that businessmen need to open a separate settlement account in the bank and order the production of individual printing.

From the serious nuances of registration of a new company in Uzbekistan it is necessary to distinguish the right choice of tax regime in compliance with all requirements of laws. Special licenses are also needed for some types of business (e.g. pharmaceuticals or medicine). In this case, skills and experience are essential, as well as a meticulous study of each detail.

Requirements for FCHAIN team results in Uzbekistan

After performing all necessary procedures, the owner of the new business should have:

  1. Certificate of state registration of the company with a unique name and its correct translation.
  2. Documents confirming the opening of a Bank account.
  3. Statistical card.
  4. Certificate with business identification number.
  5. The testimony of the taxpayer.
  6. Company seal.

The collected package of certificates confirms the status of a legal entity and the full right of the company’s founder to further develop the company on the territory of Uzbekistan. The assistance of a specialist is often necessary for making the correct translation of all constituent documents (in the state and native language for the foreigner). At the same time, it is extremely important to observe the terminology of values and characteristics of requirements as clearly as possible.


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