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About us - Financial Chain Corporation - Uzbekistan

The opening of a new branch of FCHAIN in Uzbekistan is a clear proof of the demand for our team’s professional services.

Our team is one of the largest providers of outsourcing services among administrative, legal and financial issues, information technology implementation, and legal relations at the international level.

The most important thing in our work

If at the beginning of its history our team focused more on accounting services, then constant work on experience and skills now allows us to offer our clients a full range of solutions to business and legal issues.

Among the most popular points of mutually beneficial contract is to provide business professionals at online, pre-audit work of the company and the correctness of all records as well as the outsourcing of daily routine work relating to the registration and accounting of primary documentation and preparation and delivery of reports. Especially valuable is the help of an experienced professional in a quick and correct solution in non-standard situations for employees. This allows you to avoid or correct mistakes in a timely manner.

It is precisely the well-coordinated work of the FCHAIN team’s professionals in Uzbekistan that guarantees a balanced and comprehensive approach to solving problems, since many financial details are intertwined with legal subtleties and responsibility to the tax Inspectorate.

The company’s entry to the international level is an additional argument for the professionalism of our team. After all, the opening of the Financial Chain Corporation office in Uzbekistan is another step in our development and growth.

Arguments for mutually beneficial cooperation with Financial Chain Corporation

The main principle of our team’s work is to guarantee high-quality results while maintaining the cost of services available to the client. This is due to the possibility of an individual approach to the client’s requirements, as well as performing only those functions that are necessary for him.

The second important argument concerns the mandatory comprehensive approach to resolving issues, because many transactions and accounts have not only financial reflection, but also a legal aspect. This is why all FCHAIN accountants actively interact not only with auditors and financiers, but also with the company’s lawyers. Migration services for clients are provided with absolute consideration of the requirements of the current legislation of the countries.

Additional advantages of a profitable offer

You need to trust proven professionals. This is how we can describe mutually beneficial and long-term contracts signed between Financial Chain Corporation and large well-known companies almost all over the world. At the same time, we always have the opportunity to cooperate with representatives of medium and small businesses.

Directly outsourcing accounting services is the best solution for individual entrepreneurs who want to save money on renting offices and maintaining a full-time specialist. The professional assistance of the Financial Chain Corporation’s team will also be useful for foreign entrepreneurs who are just about to open a business in Uzbekistan.

They trust us the most important, and therefore, the financial future of our partners – in the reliable, strong hands of professionals!

Features of cooperation

The company team has experienced accountants, meticulous auditors, reliable economists and responsible lawyers. Each of them is a professional who continues to refine existing skills and always remains open to new knowledge and requirements. Continuous self-improvement, certification checks and effective trainings make it possible to meet all the most serious requirements of our clients, and therefore to guarantee a timely qualitative result.

That is why the branch of Financial Chain Corporation in Uzbekistan remains the best choice for local entrepreneurs and foreign businessmen. All issues are resolved with obligatory accounting of requirements and orders of the current legislation of the country.

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