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Outsoursing and outstaffing in Uzbekistan- Financial Chain Corporation

Main criteria for professional outsourcing and outstaffing in Uzbekistan

In order to optimize the cost of time and effort for accurate accounting of mandatory tax payments and direct registration of employment contracts, many companies prefer to choose the service of professional outsourcing and outstaffing in Uzbekistan from the FCHAIN team. At the same time, it is important to provide high-quality legal support for all issues and nuances, which means that an integrated approach is the best choice. Such cooperation always remains as transparent, mutually beneficial and easy as possible.

Details of outstaffing and outsourcing services in Uzbekistan from FCHAIN

The assignment of all questions regarding the selection of personnel and their employment allows the management of the client company to devote maximum effort and time to the development and increase of its own capital. At the same time, you can always be sure that the team will consist of experienced and qualified specialists who are interested in a meaningful result of their work. In such cases, we can expect rapid growth of the company as a whole.

In addition to drawing up requirements for vacancies and recruitment of new employees, the FCHAIN team is ready to take responsibility for payroll calculations and deduction of mandatory taxes, for timely preparation and submission of reports to the regulatory authorities of Uzbekistan. The ability to track changes in the requirements of laws, as well as timely implement them in practice, allows you to save the company from accruing fines and sanctions, any prohibitions and restrictions in future work.

The main advantages of working with FCHAIN

All issues are resolved comprehensively and as quickly as possible. FCHAIN specialists are always ready to offer several basic options for further actions with a description of all possible benefits and risks. Being a customer of FCHAIN means:

  • get an individual approach to solving issues and a clear list of services performed;
  • use only the help that is necessary, which determines the affordable cost of the services themselves;
  • guaranteed to count on high-quality results and absolute peace of mind about possible unexpected losses and waste;
  • get a unique opportunity to fully restore the efficiency of the business, which provides for the repayment of all fines and the removal of arrests;
  • have access to the most sought-after specialists in Uzbekistan, whose qualifications are suitable for the company’s own vacant requirements;
  • remain confident in the absolute confidentiality of all processed information and personal data.

FCHAIN’s outsourcing and outstaffing services in Uzbekistan are relevant for both large joint-stock companies and individual entrepreneurs operating in Uzbekistan.

Important details of the best offer

Outstaffing or renting staff makes it possible to reduce the amount of mandatory tax payments (which takes into account the number of employees hired), as well as to entrust real professionals with all the routine work on the accounting personnel documentation. It is also recommended to entrust the selection of specialists for vacant positions to FCHAIN professionals. It is in this case that changes in the labor market are always monitored and requirements for candidates for available vacancies are adequately formed. In addition to recruitment and registration of personnel, FCHAIN specialists can also engage in direct dismissal of personnel, with mandatory compliance with all applicable laws of Uzbekistan.

The financial benefit of outsourcing and outstaffing services is also due to the possibility to refuse to rent additional premises, as well as to supply them with equipment and office space necessary for the work of an entire personnel Department. The affordable cost of outstaffing and outsourcing services in Uzbekistan from FCHAIN is always a serious argument in favor of this choice.

All you have to do is call the number listed in your contacts, arrange a meeting with a team of professionals, and get ready for an easy solution to basic everyday work issues.


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