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The range of services provided by our professionals

Accounting services

Conducting accounting at the enterprise provides correctness and timeliness of preparation of reports, development and deployment in practice of accurate requirements for an occasion of filling of primary documents and their registration, execution of obligatory payment orders on taxes and obligatory contributions.

The experience and responsibility of the FChain team helps to completely restore the financial and economic activity of the company taking into account the requirements of the current legislation.

Auditor services

The ability to check the qualifications of full-time employees in advance and correct errors in the company’s accounting and financial accounting work will save the company from undesirable fines and sanctions from state bodies.

Even minimal doubts about the work are a serious argument for examining the situation and obtaining timely comprehensive consultation. This makes it possible not only to correct the mistake, but also to prevent it in the future. Professionals of our team guarantee not only the quality of the result, but also the confidentiality of all processed data.

Legal services

Registration of new companies and assistance with re-registration of charter documents of enterprises on the territory of Uzbekistan is always carried out as correctly and quickly as possible. At the same time, FChain client can always expect further support and clear advice on the legal details of the work of his company.

Personnel services

One of the key points of a successful business is the effective selection and training of staff. Everything begins with the formation of clear requirements for candidates for a vacant post and necessarily concerns opportunities for further training of already hired full-time specialists.

It is FChain professionals who manage to clearly monitor the state of the labor market, as well as changes in work requirements. The comprehensive approach to personnel services also includes selection of programs and trainings that contribute to additional training and improvement of skills of the client company employees.

Outsourcing and Outstaffing

Assigning all daily routine to proven professionals allows customers to devote maximum effort and time to business development and search for new important contracts.

FChain services are always available!

The individual approach to the client ‘s requests allows to form a clear list of those services that he needs, and therefore the optimal cost of services – guaranteed.

Six strong arguments for FChain

Integrated approach

All specialists are necessarily involved in solving customer issues. This is the only way to develop the most profitable and safe solution to any problem.

A team of the most real professionals

The careful selection of staff and the continuous development and self-improvement of skills ensures that, as a result, reliable financial and legal professionals work in a coherent manner.

Thorough quality control of services provided

Regular assessment of the knowledge of FChain employees and preparation of trainings to improve the acquired skills guarantee professionalism of the provided advice and services on work performance.

Mode of “One window”

Each FChain team client will be assigned a separate manager who can be contacted with questions and issues. It is this specialist who will coordinate the tasks and monitor their implementation.

Guarantee of absolute confidentiality

All processed information remains in complete secrecy not only at the stage of cooperation, but also after the conclusion of contractual relations.

Application of leading technological developments in practice

This is necessary to ensure security and efficiency, as the most secure channels of communication with clients and multithreading are used.

Cooperation with FChain – always easy and profitable!

Careful approach to customer questions with necessarily balanced solutions and effective results.

Flexibility in task formulation and execution, taking into account individual requirements and wishes of the applied customer.

Optimal ratio of cost to guaranteed quality of result.

The ability of professionals to use existing skills and continue to improve according to new technologies and legislative requirements.

As a result of the work of a full-time accountant, are there problems, fines and sanctions?

Does the company’s financial and economic activities require full recovery?

Does the company operate without clear management records and responsibilities among employees?

Does the upcoming audit of the tax inspectorate make you nervous and worried?

Is there not always confidence in an adequate assessment of the financial situation of the company, as well as in the correctness of the tax and accounting carried out?

Does the 1C software implementation process occur with failures and delays?

Are administrative and operational costs difficult and inaccurate?

Our customers

Only with a reliable experienced accountant does the company have every chance of growth and development!

Optimization of all financial expenses through accounting

Professionals carefully study all possible ways to reduce mandatory contributions and tax payments in accordance with Uzbek legislation.

Restore clear and correct management records

Maximum automation of reporting and processing of primary documentation based on 1C software.

Cost savings, time and administrative costs

Selection of the best specialists for processing of various documents and certificates with their further consideration.

Secure Online Accounting and Tax Recovery

Complete closure of all fines, sanctions and restrictions in order to restore the company ‘s efficiency as soon as possible with the minimum possible costs.

Peace of mind and trust when assigning day-to-day routine work to professionals

The assignment of daily papers, certificates and reports to reliable specialists allows to forget about the risk of possible mistakes, fines and sanctions by the supervisory bodies of Uzbekistan.

All the most important – in detail!

The ability to understand in all nuances and details of the current legislation of Uzbekistan gives an opportunity to choose the optimal option of registration of financial and economic activities of the company, as well as the corresponding regime of business taxation.

What is left to do to organize the meeting?

Execution of the application

The FChain manager must contact you when processing an application to clarify important details.


During the personal conversation, the issues themselves are studied in more detail, as well as a clear list of requirements and obligations under the contract is discussed. This is especially true of the responsibilities assigned, the quality of the result and the time of the work itself.

Signing of the contract

When signing the contract, not only the quality of the result is guaranteed, but also the complete confidentiality of the processed information is preserved.

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