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Accounting consulting in Tashkent - Financial Chain Corporation - Uzbekistan

Consulting on accounting and taxation in Uzbekistan

Timely and clear assistance of an experienced accountant provides an opportunity to prevent possible mistakes, and therefore to avoid serious problems with control bodies. The online consultation of the accountant FCHAIN in Uzbekistan is one of the best solutions for new companies and foreign businessmen, whose staff already has its own specialists. The question can be described and answered either by telephone or e-mail or by Skype.

An important benefit of such assistance is an integrated approach to work, as more tax and legal advice is often needed.

Details and peculiarities of accounting consulting in Uzbekistan

Consultations on accounting and taxation in Uzbekistan from FCHAIN professionals are necessary if the staff of the client company is not sure about its arguments and decisions:

  • A clear list of all necessary contributions depending on the type of financial and economic activity of the company and the scale of production turnover;
  • Deadlines for preparation and delivery of reports;
  • Details for creation of payment orders and method of money transfer;
  • Completion of the initial documentation and its registration for registration in the work;
  • Possible fines and sanctions in case of detected violations.

Questions on changing the tax regime (taking into account the requirements of Uzbek legislation) are also relevant. For the management of companies there is a need to check the qualification (competence) of hired employees. If errors are detected, order should be established in accounting. This is where the help of experienced FCHAIN professionals is most needed.

Benefits of Online Accountant Consulting from FCHAIN

In addition to filling in the initial documentation and preparing reports, consultations on accounting and taxation are necessary in connection with the conclusion of contracts with counterparties and the timely response to changes in Uzbek legislation. Issues on personnel accounting in enterprises should be highlighted separately.

Advice may relate to:

  • Compilation and maintenance of records of primary documents;
  • Development of internal orders and regulations controlling the working relationship between the company’s employees;
  • Establishing or restoring the correct document flow process;
  • Registration of personnel, financial and tax statements;
  • Calculation and payment of mandatory contributions;
  • Verification of the correctness of the transactions and contracts.

The conversation with the consulting accountant necessarily ends with a clear list of recommendations for work. In order to get full assistance, the FCHAIN team is ready to offer the client company an accounting outsourcing service. As early as the conclusion of the contract, a clear list of duties and responsibilities of the professional accountant will be drawn up. This is what depends on the cost of consulting and outsourcing work. Each FCHAIN customer can be confident of absolute confidentiality of the processed information, which means that the result will necessarily be effective and timely.


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