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Accounting Services in Uzbekistan - Financial Chain Corporation

Impeccability in detail and responsibility to result – the main principle in accounting from FCHAIN

Accounting services in Uzbekistan from FCHAIN professionals are always a meticulous and necessarily comprehensive approach to solving issues, which means that the company’s affairs are in good hands. Timely delivery of accounting reports requires meticulous, attentive and mandatory experience. This makes it possible to expect to avoid additional expenses on sanctions and fines from the supervisory authorities of Uzbekistan. It is not enough simply to study the current legislation of the country, in it is very important to be able to understand and effectively use in practice.

Important details in the provision of accounting services from FCHAIN

Accounting services from FCHAIN are reliability and freedom. At the same time, an experienced specialist will clearly do all the work, leaving time to find new solutions in the development of the business itself. Processing of primary documents, preparation of payment orders and preparation of financial reports by FCHAIN professionals is necessarily accompanied by adequate assessment of current affairs, as well as forecasting of all possible risks in making any decision by the management of the partner company itself.

Accounting services in Uzbekistan from proven professionals are necessary primarily for new and foreign entrepreneurs, whose staff does not have an experienced reliable accountant. In the current legislation of the country on financial issues there are many nuances and clear requirements in which to understand. On the other hand, it is important to be able to track all relevant changes in performance and reporting. Only an experienced specialist will be able to cope with this volume of requirements.

In the absence of a full-time accountant or a new company department, the best solution to entrust the work to FCHAIN professionals is to outsource accounting services in Uzbekistan. This option is also relevant to verify that the work already performed by existing employees of the enterprise is correct. In such cases, our team offers:

  • Clear and correct support of all financial and economic issues of the client;
  • Establishing the process of processing primary documentation and forming a complete list of reports;
  • Possibility to quickly restore tax accounting in the company, which provides for the closure of existing fines and sanctions;
  • Individual advice on financial, tax and legal matters;
  • Formation and establishment of a process of accounting work for new companies with subsequent consultation;
  • Timely preparation, verification and submission of reports to the supervisory authorities of Uzbekistan;
  • Generation of all mandatory payment orders concerning the work of the client company.

How serious a problem or issue on financial decisions can be determined only after careful consideration of the whole situation? The cost of accounting services in Uzbekistan depends on the team of specialists FCHAIN.

Important arguments for confidence in FCHAIN professionals

Skill development, continuous training and experience allow FCHAIN to offer accounting services, both to individual entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan and to large-scale joint stock companies. At the same time, outsourcing of accounting services in Uzbekistan remains the best solution, because the help of professionals has a list of important advantages. It concerns:

  • Opportunities to save the cost of finding a room and its configuration for the accounting department;
  • Guaranteed protection of the enterprise against any fines or penalties related to incorrect work of the employee or error in accounting records;
  • Ability to assess the situation quickly and adequately, as well as to make effective decisions on the way forward;
  • Opportunities to objectively check the qualifications of their own employees and the correctness of the conduct of financial and economic affairs before it is carried out by the supervisory authorities.

The team of professionals FCHAIN will help to adequately assess the situation and offer the most profitable option to solve issues. At the same time, it is not only about accounting documents and reports, but also about organization of work of the whole enterprise. All used information remains confidential, and the willingness to advise clients on the end of contractual relations is an additional benefit of mutually beneficial cooperation with FCHAIN.


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