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Recovery of accounting

The existence of fines and sanctions against the company’s activities is most often due to errors in the work of employees. It is in such situations that it is necessary to restore accounting as professionally and as quickly as possible with the closure of all accrued fines and imposed prohibitions on the operation of the enterprise. How serious the problem is and what is needed to solve it can be discussed exclusively when meeting with FChain professionals.

The restoration of accounting in Uzbekistan should be carried out in accordance with all existing legislative requirements, which means that the issue is better entrusted to verified specialists. At the same time, the individual approach and the guarantee of confidentiality of the processed information is an additional confirmation of the correctness of the choice in favor of the assistants from FChain.

Who and When to Restore Accounting

Careful study of the situation and the ability to understand the details requires not only experience, but also readiness for constant self-improvement. Accounting services for the purpose of restoring the records and establishing the full work of the team are relevant if:

  • The company does not have its own financial department or experienced accountant;
  • In the state there is too frequent a change of personnel, in which the process of transfer of cases is disrupted or it is absent at all;
  • Errors in filling out primary documentation and reports have been detected, there is no established procedure for registration of payment orders and invoices;
  • There is insufficient level of qualification of in-house specialists, which causes late preparation of annual reports and payment of taxes;
  • At the beginning of the inspection there is no well-formed decryption (detail) of the company’s balance sheet items;
  • Lost necessary documents and calculations;
  • Regular specialists work with application of unlicensed accounting programs.

Adequate assessment of the work and restoration of accounting in Uzbekistan may also be necessary if the process was not previously monitored by the management of the company itself.

Important details of the accounting recovery process

The establishment of financial and economic activities should be carried out by professionals who have a clear understanding of all the nuances of the current legislation of the country, as well as who are able to objectively analyze in search of effective solutions. The cost of the accounting recovery service in Uzbekistan depends on the extent of the problem, as well as the required amount of work and calculations. In any case, it is more profitable to pay sanctions and fines independently without the possibility to work further and develop.

The procedure for restoring accounting in Uzbekistan provides for:

  • Direct meeting of the team of professionals FChain with the client to study the problem;
  • Study of all primary documentation, reports and accounting data in accounting programs;
  • Definition of a clear list of necessary works and preparation of a price for the service;
  • Discussion of the requirements for the final result, rights and obligations of each party;
  • Signing of the contract with subsequent payment and commencement of direct work.

The flexibility of the individual approach allows the client company to choose a clear list of services provided, which means that accounting advice will be provided at the most affordable and reasonable cost. In most cases, the process of establishing the company’s work is to check all contracts and payment orders. At the same time, the missing references and documents are necessarily restored (as a rule, it is necessary to contact the client’s counterparties for assistance to obtain confirmed copies).

If after the closure of penalties and the full restoration of tax accounting, the client company cannot transfer the established process to a new full-time specialist, the FChain team offers the optimal way out – accounting outsourcing. It is in this case that financial and economic activity will be concentrated in reliable hands, and all important details will be carried out correctly and on time.

Criteria and peculiarities of tax accounting in Uzbekistan

The established work of the company is impossible without solving all issues with the tax and other supervisory bodies of the country. This applies not only to the closure of restrictive sanctions and fines, but also to the obtaining of permission for further business development. Tax accounting in Uzbekistan from professionals FChain is guaranteed confidence and calm. At the same time, the team works, both with individual entrepreneurs and larger joint-stock companies.

If there are no problems, but there are doubts about the correctness of the work of full-time specialists, it is better to order professional audit services from FChain in advance and to avoid possible financial losses in the form of sanctions and fines in the future. Depending on the problem, the resolution of issues can be carried out in an integrated manner, with the involvement of lawyers, accountants and economists. The regular employees of the client company after the services provided are given clear recommendations for further work. After accounting services are fully provided, honey companies sign the certificate of works performed and transfer the used documents back to the company’s team.

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