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Clearly and correctly – the main criteria for accounting by FChain professionals

To clearly meet the current requirements of the regulatory authorities of Uzbekistan, companies need to organize a full-fledged work of the Department of accountants. At the same time, it is important not only to find a room with a full set of equipment and offices, but also to find qualified personnel for work. After all, an accountant should be experienced, accurate in details and open to learning new things. These criteria are met by FChain specialists, which means that outsourcing accounting is a reliable and profitable way to solve the issue.

The process itself consists in trusting our professionals to carry out all routine work related to the company’s financial and economic activities. At the same time, all the necessary reports will be made correctly and submitted on time, which means that the management has enough time to find new solutions and ways to develop the business. Accounting on the territory of Uzbekistan is formed according to the individual requirements of each client, so the cost of the service is always negotiated separately.

Important details in accounting services from FChain

Mutually beneficial cooperation with professionals of our company begins with the study of the general situation and the development of the most effective methods of correcting the mistakes made. Accounting in the territory of Uzbekistan, as a rule, provides for full processing of primary documentation, as well as creation of reporting documentation and formation of all mandatory payment orders.

Even before the first appointment, which you can sign up for by calling the phone, the client should know that FChain specialists may need:

  • All payment orders and primary documentation (e.g. invoices or bank statements) for a specific period of time;
  • Accesses to the securities showing the accounting process of hired employees of the company to check their correct filling and control;
  • Software for establishing or restoring an automated version of record keeping;
  • Ability to monitor missing documents and payments and then restore the complete package of information data.

As a result of the work carried out, the customer receives a clear list of accounting rules in Uzbekistan, followed by the formation of all necessary registers and a model for filling in the primary documents. If there is the slightest doubt about the sufficient qualification of the existing accountant or the entire financial department on the part of the management of the client company, FChain professionals can offer partial or full outsourcing of accounting services.

Main advantages of cooperation with FChain

Finding a specialist in a staff with sufficient qualifications and experience in Uzbekistan may require time and effort. At the same time, the work of the new employee requires a long check. That is why the risk of late submission of reports and receipt of fines regarding financial and economic activities of the company has been increased. To put all accounting in Uzbekistan in the reliable hands of FChain specialists is to stop worrying about the established work of the company and to deal with issues of its further development.

The benefits of such a solution also include:

  • Significant cost savings, which would be associated with finding a separate room and full technical support of the workplaces of full-time specialists;
  • The possibility of timely monitoring of changes in the current legislation of the country and their correct implementation in practice;
  • The possibility to find and deal with errors made before the inspection begins by the relevant supervisory authorities;
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of all processed information;
  • Clarity, reliability and correctness of all decisions made.

The most important thing in the work of enterprises is to trust professionals, and FChain is one of the best outsourcing companies in Uzbekistan.

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